Your task: Write a four page paper where you argue for or persuade your readers to do something specific about a particular issue. Remember that the best topics are something that you care about. However, try to avoid topics like abortion, gun control, and the legalization of marijuana. While these topics are relevant now, people just make the same arguments over and over again.

Reminder: Copy and pasting source documents into your paper constitutes plagiarism. You must either summarize, paraphrase, or quote your material and you have to include in text citations and have a complete works cited page. Refer to the Owl and Purdue website for any questions about either.

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Mechanics: This paper needs to be in MLA format, double spaced, with 1 in. margins, 12 pt, and Times New Roman Font. It must be at least four complete pages, meaning the writing goes all the way to the bottom of the fourth page. If you are using Microsoft Word you need to get rid of the extra space between paragraphs. You do this by clicking on the paragraph tab and checking the box that says “don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style”.

You must have at least 3 sources in this paper, but you may have more. Please include a works cited page. The works cited page does not count as one of your three pages. You may use the websites in your compare/contrast paper if you use the same topic.

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