Antebellum America

For this discussion board you will use the following documents

The Benning speech in the module folder
Any two secession documents (listed by state) in the module folder
The provided list of Lincoln quotes in the module folder

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Antebellum America
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Prompt: You are working as a teaching assistant for HIS 131. In a few days, you will give a lecture to students on Secession. The class is covering the documents listed above. Your Powerpoint lecture should address the following questions

(1) What were Benning’s main justifications for Georgia’s choice to secede? (what complaints do you see most often? Do his grievances fit into any clear categories or themes?)
Do NOT rest in general statements. You should be clear here about his specific objections/grievances. Statements like “he was angry the north had too much power” will not fair well on the rubric. Power to do what? Be specific and cite evidence from your required sources.
(2) What arguments did Benning use to convince Virginia delegates to secede? Which of his arguments do you think were best received by the assembled delegates? Explain your answer.
(3) How do Benning’s arguments connect with the two secession documents you chose? How do they differ?
(4) Compare the Lincoln quotes on slavery with the Benning document and the secession documents.
(a) What was Lincoln’s view on the political issue, and institution, of slavery? Did it change over time? If so, how?
(b) What does that comparison add to your understanding of the breakdown in the American political system in the 1850s?


Remember a discussion requires the use of parenthetical citations– even though this is in PowerPoint. The documents all contain numbered paragraphs to making citation easier, make sure to use the titles and numbers, i.e., (Mississippi 6).
Your slides should contain a mixture of your own concise analysis, explanation, and brief quotes/evidence from the sources.
Slide Requirements:
1 title slide (think of a creative or interesting title but also relevant)
At least THREE (3) slides on question 1
At least THREE (3) slides on question 2
At least FOUR (4) slides on question 3
At least TWO (2) slides on question 4(a)
At least ONE (1) slide on question 4(b)
At least ONE (1) slide to act as a conclusion
HOW TO SUBMIT: Upload the file as a .ppt, .pptx, or .pdf to your discussion board entry. DO NOT link to an cloud-based file. IF you link to a cloud based file and I do not have permission to view the file you will incur a late penalty for the assignment of 25%.

or your discussion this week. Everyone should read the Lincoln quotes AND at least two of the provided secession documents. The discussion board will include more information.

The South Carolina Secession Ordinance and Declaration
The Alabama Secession Ordinance and one of the first speeches from the convention
The Georgia Declaration of Causes of Secession
The Mississippi Declaration of Causes of Secession
The Texas Secession Declaration
And, a list of Lincoln quotes related to the issue of slavery and secession that spans roughly a decade

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