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Annotated Bibliography
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A bibliography is a list of sources on a particular topic. Put together, an annotated bibliography is a list of sources on a topic that offers a summary (or an annotation) for each source.

What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography basically an enhanced References page. Like the References page, it is a list of citations (or references) for all the sources (books, articles, documents, etc.) used for your research. At the end of each citation, you simply add a short paragraph that describes, explains and/or evaluates each entry in terms of quality, authority and relevance.

What is included in the summary part (or annotation) of an annotated bibliography?
Your annotation/summary should include the following elements:
(1) a sentence or two that describes the article source (journal article / blog post / book, etc.); purpose (consumer information / academic article / trade and/or marketing, etc.), and audience (general public / trade professionals / educators, etc.);

(2) a brief summary of its content (you may find this within the article abstract);

(3) a sentence at the end of the summary that explains its value to the student. How does this source help to answer your research question? Where does it fit in your paper?

How do I Write an Annotation?

Keep in mind that annotations are supposed to highlight the most important points of a resource. If you’re struggling to keep your annotations short, make sure you’re not getting too specific – if people reading your bibliography want to know more, they can find the work and read it directly.

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