Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


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Annotated Bibliography
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As earlier stated magical realism is a genre in literature in which unlike, reality and fictional stories it operates within a spectrum of both. Magical realism brings elements from fantasy to exist in the real word anchoring both reality and fiction. Magical realism has five elements to describe it better; the magical element, there is a fictional disruption in identity, time and space and knows no ventures or boundaries!

This form of literature is said to have been dominated by Latin writers as a way of signifying their cultural diversity and complexity but had its origin from Spanish writers in the year 1940.

It can be defined as a third eye that helps us see the strange and the magic in normal things when we stand and look at them with inner keenness.

The harry porter is a magical realism depiction story with a real time setting where the star, Harry is a normal teenage boy, with normal teenage boy problems like bullying and an abusive foster family and but then a twist of wizardry is added when Harrys foster family start getting strange letters admitting Harry to Hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft. In this book J.K Rowling’s defies space and time but still manages to keep readers hooked to this reality and brings wonder to the most realistic of things that are normal to the human eye while voicing that power and courage knows no bounds as we see Harry being the only one who can control so much about the universe

In the book Boy, Bird and Snow by Helen Oyeyemi addresses racism sexuality love and motherhood with such an intoxicating allure of magical realism where the book is set on a real timeline in a white town in Massachusetts in the 1950’s but still the feeling and aura of magic and fairy tale hang over the whole story with such a breathtaking excitement for everyone who comes across this spectacular writing

In one of the greatest books of magical realism; Hundred years of solitude “the author gives us a story of a lifetime set in the real time town of Macondo but where ghost can visit and on can leave for hundreds of years and a magical mirror that defies every rule of space or time.

A book review article done by the New York’s time on the book “Never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro classifies it a magical realism book where rea time zone and science fiction is brought together through cloning of ordinary citizens’ the brings bring about other possible futures pasts and culture to live

A product review article by good reads introduces Jorge Amando as one of the most captivating writers off all times as the give a book review of one of his best sellers “The war of the saints which is set in Brazil and revolves around a museum director but stills bring out every feeling of a magical realism

Nights at the circus by Angela Carter introduces a woman who is half human -half swan and living cutting across real time places Asia and Europe, hooking us to this word and taking us to a far utopia and still addresses issues such as feminism with such a great zeal

Magic realism could be a defining topic in literature for the freedom it brings to authors. One can make any reality happen and bringing out the impossible in all our realities but still reminding us of where it is we are in our normality. It can be used to also introduce issues in the society in a magical form of writing hence modern authors should be encouraged to bring similar works to life.

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