I need to write a journal of what I have learned this week. My last week assignments were about “Developing your Call-to-Action” for my essay “Marketing to disadvantage customers”

(Copy of it)
Call to action:
Looking at the essay on marketing to poor customers, there are many things to appreciate within this essay, which should help the audience and the readers. Within the article has helped people get to know some of how one should get to market some commodities to the poor customers (Sun,2018). There usually are problems when one is bringing to market goods to poor customers. Therefore, this essay has played an essential role in helping the audience know how to market goods to poor customers. This essay has helped appreciate the poor people and help in considering marketing interests to the poor. Therefore, the audience should aspire to do marketing to even poor people. The audience should aspire to improve the organization’s productivity by embracing market goods to poor people.

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There are many people who have the potential to appreciate this topic, which shows how to market to poor customers, and one of the audiences are the organizations (Payne,2017). When the organization manages to market their services to poor customers, they will have a chance to increase their productivity. The organization can get to appreciate this topic, and this can be realized by the fact that through this topic, they can be in a position where they can increase their productivity.

Some of the aspects of this essay show underappreciation of the fundamental research. One of the elements that show this is that the focus is on some of the organization’s benefits. The study does not focus on the fact that the revenue that the organization will increase. The research is not appreciated enough since the study focused on making sure that embracing even poor people to the market, but the organizations did not enjoy the research.

write one page the skills we could learn from developing your Call-to-Action” for an essay.

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