Social issue and social networks

For the final paper you will be examining a social issue of your choosing and social networks. Importantly, you will be using the book Connected and 2 peer-reviewed research articles. There is a great deal of network analysis in the computer and information sciences, but for this paper you will need to focus on applications of network approaches to social phenomena.

Journals you may find network analysis of social issues

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Social issue and social networks
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American Journal of Sociology

American Sociological Review

Social Science Quarterly

Social Psychology

Sociological Theory

Sociological Perspectives

Sociological Forum

American Political Science Review

British Journal of Sociology


The final paper will review the literature and include a discussion/conclusion section where you will provide a summary or your own thoughts on the research articles you have reviewed. Possible things you may want to write about: what can social networks tell us about the topic? In what ways can social network analysis provide insights into the topic that a “non-social network approach” in unable to?

*For some handy and helpful tips on writing, see the “McEvoy’s Full Proof Guide to Writing Academic Papers” that is posted in the Final Paper Module. If you adopt these practices, you are almost guaranteed to get better grades and impress potential employers.

The paper should be written in an essay-style format; structured with an introduction, body, and discussion/conclusion. A thesis statement in the first paragraph is required.
3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, and 1” margins, Times New Roman

Structure of the Paper

Introductory paragraph with your thesis statement
–You may want to start by either explaining the social issue or social networks. It may depend on which you choose to focus on in your paper.

–You should devote a few paragraphs to summarizing the two research articles

–You should also devote a few paragraphs that connect the issue to Connected (a lame pun, I know!)

III. Conclusion/Discussion

–You should probably devote at least 2 paragraphs to the conclusion of the paper. This is where you can merely summarize the main points OR you can editorialize: state your agreements or disagreements with the research, methods, etc.

Technical Instructions:

For the rough and final drafts:

Put your name on it (-5 points for unnamed papers)
Turn it in on time (-20 points for each day late. If you miss the due date, you will need a doctor’s note or some other note that will excuse the absence)
Spelling and Grammar: You will be graded on this, so be sure to proofread.
3-4 pages + bibliography (At least 2 academic sources + Connected) (-20 points for missing sources)
In-text citations. For direct quotes and numbers, please use in-text citations. You may use any of the major citation styles. I would recommend APA, as that is what is used by most professionals: (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)Support your thesis statement!

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