Paraphrasing and List of References
In the previous three modules, you found and evaluated your sources for the Final Project. Now, in Module 4, you will practice the skill of paraphrasing to learn how to use a source appropriately as evidence to support your argument, without using its language verbatim. Then, you will practice putting all of your sources into proper APA format for a reference list. APA is the citation style required in all courses at Excelsior College, so learning the details of APA formatting is important for your future academic success.
This assignment will be completed in two steps. Use the Milestone 4 Template to see an example of each step and to submit your own work.

Next, pick a key passage from one of your Final Project sources. The passage should be relevant to your topic and thesis statement, something that you will be likely to use as evidence when you write your final paper. The passage you choose should also be at least 5 sentences long. Next, copy/paste this passage into the Template, place it inside quotation marks.
Then, below your quoted passage, paraphrase the material in your own words and then include an in-text citation of the source at the end of your paragraph. Your paraphrase should be at least 2-3 sentences.
Paraphrasing is more than just replacing individual words here and there. Be careful about relying on the thesaurus. The goal is to put the idea fully in your own words by changing the structure, voice, and significantly changing the wording in order to differentiate it from the original. If you find this difficult to do with the source in front of you, try reading the source and then putting it out of sight. Then reword it from memory and your understanding of the passage. Understanding correct paraphrasing is important because if you paraphrase incorrectly by only replacing words sporadically or keeping the original wording without putting it inside quotes, it is considered a form of academic dishonesty.
Step 2: Reference List in APA Format
Next, read page 4.14 of the webtext and use the following resources to learn more:
Read and view the resources on APA References (Links to an external site.)
in the Excelsior OWL
Review the Intro to APA Citations (Links to an external site.)
tip sheet from the Excelsior Library
Try the OWL’s APA Activity (Links to an external site.)
to make sure you understand the basics of APA formatting
Tip: Autogenerated citations are not always correct! Library sources often include automatically generated citations in multiple style formats. Read the Library’s warning (Links to an external site.)
about this tool, it is not always correct! Double-check your citation against the rules above to make sure it’s correct before submitting.
Next, you will create a reference list for your Final Project using your five sources. Each source must be in proper APA format (pay close attention to the details like italics, commas, periods, and capitalization). In addition, make sure to properly format the reference list itself (pay close attention to your spacing, indentation, and alphabetization). No detail is too small for this exercise!

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Submission Instructions
Your final submission should include:
A key passage from one of your sources, inside quotation marks.
Your paraphrase of the quotation with a properly formatted APA style in-text citation at the end of the paragraph.
A list of references for your 5 sources in proper APA format

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