Rebellion and Reaction


The goal of the forum posts is to create a Learning Community, where we are all teachers and learners. This format gives you a lot of freedom to learn history from your fellow students, as well as exploring the topics that are interesting to you. Review these instructions carefully.

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Rebellion and Reaction
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Read the instructor’s blurb on the social, cultural, and political developments of the 1960s and 70s, and utilize additional resources related to your topic. I have placed a number of video resources in the module, which you are welcome to use freely.
As you do the reading and review the other materials, think about all of the different groups of people who advocated for themselves, the new political viewpoints and movements, the ways that America’s involvement around the world changed the course of history, and all of the new and different challenges that had to be overcome.
Focus on one of the groups, events, persons, or regions, and provide more detail on your topic. Thoroughly research your subject matter, and focus on its impact. For example, think what else could be said about the the US Energy Crisis, or the Women’s Liberation movement, or the Iranian Hostage Crisis, or normalizing relations with China. There are many more available than those. A time frame for your event/item is needed, but do not provide unnecessary details or dive into unnecessary tangents. You need to make an argument as to why item is important enough for the rest of us to learn about it.
A minimum of 350 words is required. You can embed pictures and/or videos into your post to enhance your work.

NOTE: You will be expected to write professionally and adhere to college level academic standards. This means you will need to use proper grammar, sophisticated sentences, and check for spelling. You must also list the sources you consulted, and you must cite any data or quoted work using Chicago-style formatting.

Every student is required to provide one unique contribution to the discussion and a minimum of two responses to other students. Any disrespectful and/or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated in any capacity.

I routinely check for plagiarism.

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