Introduction to Psychology PSYC 130

Guide for Essay/Reflective paper

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This paper is about you and the content of this course. Choose a topic (or 2) that we have discussed, from which you came to a better understanding of your development, or the development of others through taking this course.


Content knowledge and accuracy is of basic importance.
Write about your understanding of the topic.
Explain how this topic has aided in your understanding the development of your life, or the development of others.
Conclude how you will use this information to change or improve your life, relationships with others, and/or how you will use this information to improve your future development or the future development of others.
Organize your paper.
Include Title Page and Page Numbers
Introduce your thesis of your paper in one or two paragraphs.
Discuss “A” above in the body of your paper.
Conclude your paper with a summary and conclusion, with speculation as to how your life or the life of others will be different.
Make sure you proofread your paper.
Spelling and grammar are important when writing.
Your transition from paragraph to paragraph should be smooth, so your paper will be easily read.
Length 5-6 pages, double-spaced, Font size 12, and one-inch margin all four sides.

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