Paper #3

Situation: You are a new public relations employee at Campbellsville University. During your first week on the job your supervisor instructs you to read through CU’s Vision 2025 – Preparing Christian Servant Leaders document. Your supervisor does not feel the vital information contained in the Vision 2025 document is getting distributed correctly to the proper audiences who need to hear the information it contains.

Your task is to find five different audiences mentioned or referenced (directly or indirectly) in the Vision 2025 and list one vital piece of information listed in pages of the Vision 2025 which you feel is an important communique needing further conveyance to your identified audiences. Then draft two messages to each of your identified audiences, highlighting that important communication.

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Paper #3
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A communique is defined as an official announcement or statement, especially one made to the media.

In other words, after reading Vison 2025, and knowing what your now know about CU’s future plans, what messages would you want to say to the audiences you identified in the Vision 2025?

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