Narrative essay

you may write either a descriptive paper, a narrative paper, or a combination thereof.
Remember that in a descriptive paper, you are describing a person, place, or thing, and your thesis communicates the essence of the topic, the essence you want the reader to remember. Your descriptive paper may include narrative elements.
Remember that a narrative paper tells a story about an event you went through, and the claim of the thesis communicates your moral or the lesson you learned by going through that experience. Your narrative essay will most likely include descriptive elements in order for you to convey your thesis.
You should have an introduction that contains a method (discussed in class), and thesis, and, if you desire, a POD.
You need a minimum of three support paragraphs, and you also need a conclusion.
Please double space, and use a 14pt. font in Arial. Your paper must be submitted in Word format in either .doc or .docx.

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Narrative essay
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