Low-Income Employment Vulnerable to Covid-19 Unemployment


The social problem essay is a 7-10 page APA or MLA format page research based paper that discusses a social problem of the student’s choice. Examples of social problems include racism, sexism, discrimination, unemployment, obesity, domestic violence, etc. Students will be expected to discuss the social problem in a concise manner which includes: introducing the social problem/defining the social problem/ discussing who the social problem affects or harms/ how to eliminate the social problem. The social problem essay will be worth 150 points.

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Low-Income Employment Vulnerable to Covid-19 Unemployment
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1. Introduction.

2. Body( Literature Review/ Empirical Data, Stats facts qualitative & quantitative).

3. Your position using a sociological perspective

4. Conclusion/ Social Change Implementation.

5. MLA or APA format ( don’t forget to include your citations or references).

I will not grade late papers nor papers sent to my email.

Must upload in a PDF or MicrosoftWORD file.

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