Human Development Exam

Final Exam Part 2 – Chapters 7 – 12

Chapter 7

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Human Development Exam
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7-1. Define learning from a cognitive perspective and explain how the definition differs from the way learning is defined from a behaviorist perspective.



7-2. Describe and provide an example of the six principles of cognitive learning theory.



Chapter 8

8-3.Describe four suggestions that teachers can apply to help their students learn concepts. Provide an example of each.


8-4. Describe the difference between well-defined and ill-defined problem solving and give an example of each.




Chapter 9

9-1. Identify two important differences between cognitive and social constructivism and provide an example of how these differences might appear in a classroom.


9-6. Explain the relationship between misconceptions and constructivist learning theory.





Chapter 10

10-5. Describe what teachers can do to help overcome older students’ tendencies to view working hard as an indicator of low ability and explain why the actions are likely to be effective.


10-14. Describe four ways in which positive emotions influence motivation to learn.





Chapter 11

11-2. Explain why the student-teacher relationship is so essential for student motivation to learn.




11-9. Describe four suggestions we can follow for creating a motivating classroom environment and include an example of each.

Chapter 12

12-8. Describe four benefits of home-school communication.



12-9. Describe three strategies for establishing and maintaining communication with parents.


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