Healthcare politics today

Assignments are graded according to rubrics, which can be seen where you submit your assignments in Carmen. You are not required to express any particular political opinions or to study any particular political issues or positions in order to earn full credit. In fact, for the assignment, you should not articulate any particular political opinions or values.

Once you find an article, you will need to write a short assignment with several sections. The sections are indicated in bold in the “Example Assignment” section below. For full credit, you must include all of these sections in each assignment. Please use the template for your journal entries.

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Healthcare politics today
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For each entry, you will first need to find an online news article that describes a current issue in the U.S. politics of health. To find these articles, you may use any of the new sources listed in the “Acceptable Media Sources” section below – these represent the most commonly used online sources of balanced news, as well as some Ohio-specific sources. You may identify a health politics issue at the national level, the state level (any state), or the local level. Your issue must be current (the article may not be more than 3 months old). You may not use the websites of political parties or candidates as information sources. Op-Eds or Opinion essays from news outlets are not considered news articles. Make sure the link to news article is included in the essay.

Under the “Article Summary” section, please describe the main points of the article you found. Focus on one health issue and the political dynamic being discussed. You may use quotes from the article, but keep them short (a few words) so that most of the entry is written in your own words. Do not describe your own opinion on the issue.

Under the “Claim or Position” section, please summarize a specific political position or claim that is being described in the article. Again, you are not describing your own opinion on the issue, only the position or positions that are described in the article itself. Try to keep your claim simple so you can address it thoroughly in the “Data/Evidence” section.
Under the “Data/Evidence” section, you must discuss specific, unbiased evidence you have found that is relevant to the claim or position you described in the prior section, and assess the validity of the claim using that evidence. Your evidence should not come from the same news article you are using as the focus of your assignment. It must come from a non-partisan research organization (like Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, the Census Bureau), an international organization (like WHO or OECD), or from academic research (peer-reviewed journal article). Make sure the links to that data/evidence source is included.
Under the “Course Connection” section, you must clearly describe a concept we have studied in the class, and describe how that concept connects to the article you have found. For full credit, you must demonstrate an accurate understanding of the course concept and a clear understanding of how it is relevant to the political issue described in your article.

Example Assignment
Please use the following example to give you a sense of how your assignments should look. The bold titles are required: this is your template. Please use these same titles to head each of your sections.
Your assignment will be submitted in a Carmen text box. To ensure that you don’t lose work, please compose your entry in a word processor, save it, then cut & paste it into the text
Political Issue:​​Republican health care legislation
Level of Government:​National
News Link:​ ​
Article Title:​Ohio Gov. Kasich on health care: ‘Sometimes my party asks too much’
Article Source: ​​
Article Date:​​7/02/17
Article Summary:​
This article describes statements Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) has been making about the attempts of national Republican leaders to enact some kind of health care legislation. He accuses them (leaders of his own party) of being shortsighted, and criticizes their plans on several specific counts: he says the planned funding to help with opioid addiction is far less than needed, that Medicaid coverage shouldn’t be reduced, and that plans to give people cash to buy an insurance policy are unrealistic. He also criticizes Democrats, and tells politicians they must put the country first. His criticisms do not extend to President Trump, whom he says is open to negotiating with Democrats.
Claim or Position:
Among other claims, Governor Kasich says that a plan to replace Obamacare with a $3000-$4000 cash allowance for each person to buy insurance is not realistic.
There is a lot of concrete information available online about how much health insurance actually costs, so the Governor’s claim that $3000-$4000 is not enough to buy a plan can be assessed empirically. For instance, the Kaiser Family Foundation has a “Health Insurance Marketplace” calculator. I could use this to input a range of possible incomes in a range of possible states, and see how much it would cost one person (or a family) to buy insurance at a variety of levels of coverage (Bronze, Silver, etc.). I did a little of this, and found that it is in fact possible to buy at least some kind of insurance for a single, 30-year-old adult, earning $35,000/year, in Ohio, with $3500/year. It would take more investigation to understand better the bigger picture of who could get insurance and who couldn’t, what kind of insurance they could get, whether out-of-pocket costs would be affordable, etc. That additional research would be helpful to really assess the realism of Gov. Kasich’s claim.
Link to the evidence:
Course Connection:​
This article is about what potential health reform legislation does and should include. In this course, we are studying the exact shape of the U.S. health care system, and what determines that. Right now, Obamacare (ACA) is the law, but these conversations Gov. Kasich is referencing are about revising, repealing, or replacing that law. Those kinds of legislative changes would have important impact on how health care insurance is paid for in this country – a major topic of this course. Changes in how we pay for health insurance will affect how many people have health insurance, and what that health insurance covers, which could in turn affect what kind of health care people do and don’t get, and ultimately individual and population health outcomes in the U.S.

Acceptable Media Sources

Only news from outlets that are Least Biased, Left Center Biased, or Right Center Biased are acceptable for this class, including class discussions, posts in discussion boards and writing assignments.

For news outlets beyond the following lists, you are required to verify the bias rating before adoption. However, all news sources there can be poorly sourced or containing incorrect content. As readers, you are highly encouraged to corroborate content from more than one sources

Here is a website to check the most current news sources bias rating.

Least Biased sources: “These sources have minimal bias and use very few loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes). The reporting is factual and usually sourced.”

Common acceptable media sources for U.S. news, as of July 20, 2020 (alphabetically ordered)
(Least Biased news outlets are yellow highlighted)

1. ABC News (
2. BBC (
3. Bloomberg (
4. Business Insider (
5. Buzzfeed (
6. CBS News (
7. CNBC (
8. FactCheck (
9. Financial Times
10. FiveThirtyEight (
11. Gawker (
12. LA Times (
13. NBC News (
14. New York Post (
15. New York Times (
16. NPR (
17. PBS Newshour (
18. Politico (
19. Politifact (
20. PR Newswire (
21. Reuters (
22. Snopes (
23. STAT (news) (
24. The Atlantic (OSU library subscription)
25. The Economist ( (OSU library subscription)
26. The Guardian (
27. The Hill (
28. The Wall Street journal ( (OSU library subscription)
29. Time (
30. USA Today (
31. Vice (
32. Washington Post (
33. Wikipedia (
34. Yahoo News (

Freely Accessible Ohio Newspapers (4 of the 6 most read newspapers in Ohio)
1. Akron Beacon Journal (
2. Columbus Dispatch (
3. Dayton Daily News (
4. The Toledo Blade (

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