Healthcare Inequalities

write an analytical paper that takes a position on a health issue or concern based on a medical anthropological analysis.

Your paper should compare, contrast, and critically evaluate the position of each journal article. (I have provided the 3 articles needed for this paper, you can see them in the attached files folder.)

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Healthcare Inequalities
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Your final paper should have at least 4 sections:

The introduction should include your own thesis statement based on a central take-away point from the assigned readings. Your thesis statement may be taking specifically from one of the articles you have read. Your statement must be written in one sentence and may take the form of a question. Write at least one paragraph to explain the direction and scope of your thesis. Define terms as necessary. The introduction should not be more than one page.

The discussion or body of your paper should carefully review the authors’ ideas. Use direct quotes sparingly. To support your thesis statement and make your argument, accurately and critically evaluate the authors’ positions. Refer to each article by author and (year).

The conclusion should summarize your work and confirm or refute your thesis statement. Do not introduce new information in your conclusion if it has not been discussed in the body of your paper. Include a bibliography of the assigned articles.

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