Graphic Design Elements

For this assignment, select five objects from your home that have graphic design elements on them. For example, you could select five food products, five consumer product packages, or five articles of clothing with different branding on them. Take a photograph of the five objects, and answer the following questions. Please write in complete sentences.

Insert the photograph of the five objects.

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Graphic Design Elements
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How is the graphic design similar on the five objects?

How is the graphic design different on the five objects?

Select the object with your favorite design, and answer the following questions:

What draws your eye to this object?

What symbols are used on the object? If symbols are not used, you can state that “No symbols are used.”

What do you believe this object’s brand is trying to convey?

Select the object with your least favorite design, and answer the following questions.

What do you like least about the design?

Do you think a change in the typeface or layout would improve the design? If so, what would you change in the design to make it more visually appealing to you?

Your response must be at least two pages in length. APA Style will not be required for this assignment.

I’ve attached the picture to use for the assingment.

Please use this book for any references. No other references are allowed. Getlein, M. (2020). Living with art (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

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