Computer software assignment

) an interactive narrative (using Twine, an open-source, free software program for making ‘choose your own adventure’ games) that dramatizes your experiences during your screenfast. Twine is very easy to pick up and, with some practice, can be quite sophisticated (with graphics, sound, etc.). The goal here is to turn your experiences with avoiding screens into a kind of text-based adventure, or ‘game’.

Examples of both the ‘mockumentary’ and ‘interactive narrative’ options from the last version of the course are attached below.
Use them as rough guides, but do not emulate them.

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Computer software assignment
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Twine is available for free, and can be used either online or offline, via this website.

Adam Hammond’s Twine tutorials (opens in new window)
(opens in new window)
are awesome for beginners.

Attached below are sample assignments — one mocku/documentary video, one Twine game — created by students in the Summer I (2020) iteration of COM 250.

Regardless of which options you choose, the rubric is the same:

Engagement with course themes, theories, perspectives: /10
Creativity and thoughtfulness in the approach to the assignment: /7.5
Technical polish (free of ‘glitches’, whether grammatical or technical): /2.5

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