Issues Addressed:

  • Proposal Question: How does Christianity affect Haitian Diaspora Women in Miami between the ages of 18 – 38?
  • Examination of the historical elements that gave rise to HaitianChristian Churches.
  • How does Christianity play a role in the everyday lives of Haitian Diaspora women in Miami between 18 – 38? Behavior? What are their Beliefs, Rituals, Ceremonies? Daily practices?
  • Major Issue: How does Christianity affect Healthcare within this culture?
  • The history of Vodou and how it connects to Haitian Diaspora’s and Christianity. Does the practice of Vodou in the Haitian community play a part in their views? Does it cause contradictions with their religion? Vodou’s relevance today? Why are Haitian Diasporas drawn to it in the modern world?


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In 8-10 pages, double spaced, you will discuss the impact of religion upon culture and society. That is, using the material covered in this class plus your individual research, you will write how the beliefs and practices associated with a particular religion affect a particular culture. It is advisable that you limit the scope of your research to perhaps aspects of a religion and a sub-culture within a country. However, this does not mean that if your feel capable writing about Protestantism and America that you should not do so (Think of Max Weber’s the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism). But it would be more advisable to choose a project with a more limited scope. For example: Santeria and Cuban youth in Miami; Neo-paganism and New Age practitioners in Bogota; Neo-Pentecostals and Brazilian politics, etc. In this work you are expected to engage with theory (chapter 1) and apply some of the concepts we have covered in class. In addition to the Stein and Stein textbook, you should cite at last three additional sources including books, articles published in scholarly journals, etc. (Wikipedia is not an option). Choose a religion you are familiar with if you wish or else a situation that you feel passionate about and captures your imagination. You will be graded on the ability to integrate concepts and examples from the readings, lectures, videos as well as for the paper’s content, organization, and quality of writing.

Citation Style

Any citation style is fine, i.e. MLA, APA. However, if you are not familiar with any you can use Chicago Manual Style.)


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