Cause/Effect Paper

Outline:  Cause/Effect Paper


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Cause/Effect Paper
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You are writing about the effects of a known cause.  The known cause is taking an online class.  You will list effects only.


  1. Introduction: Thesis statement

Online classes can be extremely beneficial for some students or they can be challenging for others; distance learning can have an effect on thegrades, positively or negatively.


  1. Group assignments can have a large effect on a student’s grade in an online class.
  2. POSITIVE – Working together with new people
  3. NEGATIVE- Not being to talk in real life to confront them


III.  If an online class is asynchronous, a student can complete lessons and assignments on their own time, and this can have a direct effect on their grades.

  1. POSITIVE- Have 24 hours or one week to turn in assignment
  2. NEGATIVE – Procrastinating and forgetting deadlines, not being habit of being in class. (My teacher said this, “Shouldn’t developing time management skills and self-reliance be counted as a positive effect?”. Is there a way you could talk about the negative and positive outcome of B?)


  1. Online classes provide students with more flexibility so that they can work and take classes at the same time which affects their ability to pay for school.
  2. POSITIVE- Can take classes and work at the same time
  3. NEGATIVE- Being able to have a stable schedule with school and work. (My teacher said, “Why is this a negative?”. Can you take about how being able to focus on work and school at different time can be hard?)


  1. Conclusion: Some students can succeed in an online class and have no negative effectson their grades, while other students struggle and have negative effects to their grades.

(My teacher said, “Instead of a summary, draw a conclusion here.” I have no idea what she meant so if you want to make a new conclusion you can.)


P.S. If don’t want to use the negative I used, then you can use your own but please let me know if you are going to change it so I can give my teacher a heads up.


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