B2B commerce and eProcurement

Topic: B2B commerce and eProcurement
Lengths: 11 pages double-spaced

The business communication format is attached. In this business paper, please analyze a specific company as a case. NO ACADEMIC ESSAY, BUT BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS.
You can refer to the reading materials attached as well.

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B2B commerce and eProcurement
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The paper should be written as a business communication ‘position paper’ rather than an academic style. The difference between a business style and an academic style is subtle but generally, you should follow the following principles:

Make your case with the perspective of the impact on the organization. Are you addressing organizational risk? a new value proposition?
It’s OK to state an opinion but back it up with data and light referencing. You do not have to be as formal as an academic paper and you can reference publications. Be careful that you don’t just state an opinion or that your sources are too skewed or biased.
If there is an impact on the organization in terms of cost or resources, try to identify those and try to be as specific as you can.

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