Assignment based on a real life case with regards to issues in human resources

Your case may be one of the following listed below (but not limited to):
 Human resource management (HRM) strategy and analysis
 Job Analysis and Talent Management
 Personnel Planning and Recruiting
 Selection
 Performance Management Appraisal
 Training and Developing Employees
 Employee Retention, Engagement and Careers
 Pay, Incentives and Benefits
 Ethics and Employee Rights, and Discipline
 Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining
 Employee Safety and Health
 Managing Global Human Resources
 HR in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise


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Assignment based on a real life case with regards to issues in human resources
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In your preparation of your case, you are advised to take into consideration the

 Introduction – the opening section describes the rationale for the case study,
including the firm’s background & profile, its current position & performance and its
internal & external environment. Suggested to have pictures, graphs, tables etc,
as to illustrate the situation.

 Problem – the following section states the main problem which needs to be
resolved, such as Pay, Incentives and Benefits, Labour Relations and Collective
Bargaining etc.

 Suggested Solution – this is the heart of the document. It describes the solution in
detail, how it was implemented, and the impact on users, methodologies, and
other factors that contributed to the overall deployment. Many case studies
include sidebars, charts and graphs to highlight key points.

 Evaluation – in the final section, conclude the document by evaluating the
solution’s impact (usually positive), discuss lessons learned, and the next steps to
be taken.

 Summary- covered all of the key points of the assignment.

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