Analyze the micro economic issues that impacted Toys R US

Select a 5-10 year period of time and analyze the microeconomic issues impacting a particular company during that period of time. You should be looking for issues and topics that we have covered in this course and how you can apply those concepts to a real-world situation. The same company and time period will be used for all 3 parts of the project.
Select a company and a time period that you will use for analysis during the semester.
Give a description of the company during the time period for analysis. This should be roughly a 5-10 year period of time, not the entire history of the company.
What products produced. Are they identical or differentiated? Does this change during the analysis period? Explain.
Discuss the determinants of demand and how you see the consumer preferences influencing the market.
Analyze the price elasticity of demand. Build a case as to why the demand for this product is elastic, inelastic, or unitary elastic
A minimum of 5 sources is required for this section.
Submit a report that is roughly 3 pages of content, typed double-spaced.
This report should be well written with an introduction and conclusion and use an appropriate citation.
News sources: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, etc.
Visit the library for additional help finding sources.
Wikipedia is not an acceptable source!
Each student will develop and analysis based on the information provided and the questions asked in each activity. Research is required by you and some possible sources are below (though you should use other sources as well).

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Analyze the micro economic issues that impacted Toys R US
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