Your Business Model Canvas

Entrepreneurship 311: Innovation and Creativity
The paper will be two parts. Part one is no more than two pages of a narrative description of the business you are going to start. In this description tell us what your business does, why you want to start this business and why your unique perspective and skill set will set you up for success in this business. Be detailed enough that we can clearly understand what the business offers, who you offer it to, why they will buy your goods or services, and how you will make money.

The second part of this paper is detailing the above narrative in the Business Model Canvas/Lean Canvas. We learned about the Business Model Canvas first in Ch. 5 and we have been referencing it consistently throughout the term. A framework of the Business Model Canvas/Lean Canvas is attached. Please use this template to complete your explanation of your business. The Lean Canvas is intentionally brief. This forces you to be very clear, concise and substantive in your responses to the header prompts. We are looking for a clear understanding of the business you intend to start and a clear and comprehensive demonstration of your ability to reference the major topics we discussed about startup businesses during the term. This assignment is hard because it requires an economy of words.

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Your Business Model Canvas
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The Business I will use to start up is: A Pediatric Dental Clinic

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