Writing to inform

1. Read the following:

· In TMHG, Chapter 3, “Writing to Understand and Synthesize Texts” and Chapter 7, “Writing to Inform.”

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Writing to inform
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· In TSIS, read Part II, “I Say.”

2. Write a 2,000 – 2,500 word research-based essay to inform your readers about the variety of viewpoints on one of the questions posed by the five groups of essays in the “Readings” section of TSIS:

· How Can We Bridge the Differences that Divide Us?

· Is College the Best Option?

· Are We in a Race Against the Machine?

· What’s Gender Got to Do With It?

· What’s There to Eat?

Use 7 – 10 sources representing a variety of opinions about the topic. At least four of your sources must come from one of the five groups of essays in TSIS listed above (you may use more than four if you wish). No more than two of your sources may be web sites or blogs, and any web sites or blogs used must meet the standards of credibility presented in Chapter 19 of TMHG and in the Widener University Library’s Online Tutorial (on Bb).

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