World Civilizations

Very few women have reached the height of success as did Joan of Arc. During the time of the Hundred Years War, women were not held in high regard. What made Joan different? What was the secret of her success? Do you believe that she was called by a “higher power” to lead France against the English during this time? If you believe that, then are you saying that “this higher power” was anti-English and pro-French? What do you think?

Note: You will be submitting this essay through Safe Assign. You will have multiple attempts in submitting it. If your Safe Assign report comes back to you with greater than 30% you will have the opportunity to go back in and correct that before your final submission. All must be done before the deadline. Refer to the plagiarism policy located within the syllabus.

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World Civilizations
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How to Submit

Click on the title Essay and it will take you directly into the assignment and submission page. You will also see the rubric link specified. Save your essay to your computer as a WORD Doc. Click on “Browse my Computer” and find where you saved it and submit it. I would rather you not write the essay directly into the assignment, but save it to your computer and then submit.

In order to receive the maximum points, this essay is required to be/have:

Introduction and Conclusion

3-4 pages in length (10-20 pts will be deducted if the essay is less than 3 full pages. Points will not be deducted if you go over a few pages in the length.)

MLA style with in-text documentation and works cited page (10-20 pts will be deducted without a works cited page and if it is not in the correct format, 10-20 pts will also be deducted without in-text parenthetical documentation or if it is not in the correct format).

No Wikipedia or encyclopedia sources (10 pts will be deducted if these sources are used).

12 font Times New Roman, Double Space (make sure your paper is formatted correctly.

1 inch margins

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