Which philosopher is your favorite?

In a 500-word post, choose one philosopher whose ideas have impacted you this semester, and discuss how those ideas have influenced your thinking. Questions that will help you choose your philosopher and help organize your essay are: Which philosopher did you agree the most with? Which philosopher made you re-think the way you think about reality? Which philosopher gave you new insights into what it means to be human? Which philosopher wrote about topics that you had never thought about before?

As you write your response, explain how this philosopher has made you re-think your understanding of reality and relationship to others. Also, talk about how this philosopher’s ideas have changed your own ideas about the world you live in.

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Which philosopher is your favorite?
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Then, respond to one classmate’s post.


Other requirements:

Remember MLA formatting—title page and reference page.

Be specific—use in-text citations and provide references.

You may use first person.

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