Urban Sociology Research Essay

Throughout the semester many topics are being addressed that pertain to urban issues including ones germane to NYC. Currently, we are going through a very difficult time dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.
Write a 6 page essay considering all 4 of these topics.
High rates of anxiety and depression on students due to Covid 19, unemployment, Raising death rates on Lower income groups in the U.S, and Issues aroused due to students having to switch over to remote learning at home rather than learning in the classrooms.
As they relate to inequities related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Include in your paper a contrast of the responses to the pandemic comparing the federal government to the state government of New York State under the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo. Also, contrast the Covid response to one other nation in contrast with the USA. You can include any similarities or dissimilarities regarding the manner in which the pandemic was/is being handled. Include the rate of infection and death rate for both the USA and the nation you selected.

At the end of your paper, include a reflection (about one page). Your reflection can include: your response to completing the assignment, what you found most significant, interesting, or enlightening, any personal experiences that relate to what you wrote, anything else you would like to add, etc.

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Urban Sociology Research Essay
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Since many Covid-19 researchers have not yet published in academic journals, you can use the New York Times, Washington Post or other reliable newspapers and periodicals for your research. Make sure your paper is properly referenced using reputable sources, including citations. Include a bibliography (list of references) in proper format .

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