Training Nurses in Cognitive Assessment

Goals: identify /state a policy initiative related to Healthy People (HP) 2020 (or another health policy related to your area of expertise or future CNS role), improved patient outcomes, quality improvement, or safety and relate your project goals to this larger health policy.

Include APA citations. (1 point). (Note at start of fall 2020 semester– still delay in launch of HP

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Training Nurses in Cognitive Assessment
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2030 – will continue to monitor throughout course)

 Needs: What are needs of your target audience? (Clearly identify who you will be providing the education to). What if anything does the literature have to say about the skills, attitudes and knowledge of nurses and others regarding the goals for your project? What does the literature say about the problem of the population addressed by your Clinical Teaching Project, (epidemiology, risks, rates of death or morbidity associated with the problem), Relates to Goals. Include APA citations (2 points).

 Objectives: Demonstrate the ability to write Bloom’s objectives in the cognitive, affective, or psychomotor domain. Objectives are written in measureable terms focusing on what will be evaluated as evidence of learning outcomes. Relates to identified need(s). (2 points).

 Methods/Teaching – Instructional Methods: are clearly identified, fit the content, and facilitate the measurable learning outcome objectives of the learning. Add/utilize citations from the literature to support the methods as effective in providing education to professionals. Consider – what evidence supports the use of these methods for teaching, and cite the reference for each method. Provide appropriate APA citations for your references. It is often helpful to include a curriculum grid listing the Objective, Content, Time Frame and Methods – which can help you to keep the project within the time limit (samples on blackboard), Relates to objectives. (2 points).

 Evaluation Methods: are clearly identified and are appropriate to evaluate the learning outcomes intended (e.g. pre and posttest, case studies, role playing etc.). Add citations for each evaluation method utilized – with the literature support the methods are seen as effective and trustworthy. What evidence supports the use of these evaluation methods?

Include in goals A: goal(s) of project as it relates to a higher

health policy, and B: goal of student e.g. Capstone/course project.

Relates to your teaching methods. Include project,

Provide appropriate citations for  Citation and Referencing: APA 7th edition formatted reference list (1 point).

Include level of evidence utilized (listed on grade rubric).

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