The Lost Soul of the American Presidency.

Book: The Lost Soul of the American Presidency.

Summarize the book and relate the author’s thesis.

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The Lost Soul of the American Presidency.
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Describe the author’s viewpoint and purpose for writing, noting any aspects of the author’s background that are important for understanding the text.

Note the most important evidence the author presents to support his or her thesis.

Evaluate the author’s use of evidence or narrative. Is his/her argument convincing?

Compare this book with other books or articles you have read on the same (or similar) subject.

Conclude with a final evaluation of the book or article. You might discuss who would find it useful and why.

You must answer the question
You must give evidence
In general, write in the past tense
Avoid the passive voice sentence
Use quotations but use them sparingly and properly
Don’t use conversational language, slang, or jargon
Do a word search and remove these words: is, am, are, was, were, it, I, paradigm, impact

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