The lost boy

Each student is expected to submit a 5-7 page (double-spaced, typed, and 12-point font) book report about one of the books listed below. The page limit is suggested for the narrative, not including the works cited or reference page. Each book illustrates various human development topics and will allow you to integrate course material related to human development. The writing assignment is worth 100 points: 50 points for appropriately applied concepts (10 points for each correctly applied concept), 35 points for appropriate college level writing (1 point will be deducted for each writing error), and 15 points for appropriate usage of citations.

For this writing assignment, you need to include citations in the body of and at the end of the writing assignment. You are only required to use two sources, the class textbook and your book selection, but you can use additional resources. You can use either the MLA or APA format, but you should use that format consistently throughout the writing assignment. For example, if you use the APA format, you will need a reference page, title page, and abstract. If you use the MLA format, you will need an MLA header and Works Cited page. You cannot use more than 20% quotes, which is roughly 4 lines per page. You should have a citation for each paragraph, besides your introduction and conclusion, that indicates the source of your information. You will need to change citations every time you change the source.

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The lost boy
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This assignment is not simply a book summary, it is an integration and application of the concepts that you are learning in class. The easiest and simplest way to convey the required 5-7 concepts is to write a paragraph for each concept, including a definition of the concept and examples from your book selection that illustrate the identified concept. In your report, you should address the following topics:

· Introduction (1 paragraph) – Describe why you selected this book and the key topics you will discuss in the book report
· Book Summary (1 paragraph) – Summarize the main characters and main ideas of this book
Course Integration (3-5 pages) – Using course materials and terminology, analyze the main character(s) development over time using 5-7 key concepts from the textbook. Examples of key concepts are located at the end of each chapter and in the attached conceptual chart.
Human Development – Discuss the main character(s) physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development by defining one or more key concepts from each domain and giving examples from the literature that illustrate that key concept. Ten points will be deducted for each missing domain or each inaccurately applied domain.
Developmental Theory – Apply one or more theories to the main character(s) by defining the theoretical concept and giving examples from the literature that illustrate that theoretical concept. Ten points will be deducted if a theory isn’t applied or is incorrectly applied.
Self-Reflection (1 paragraph) – Explain your initial thoughts/knowledge about the topic prior to reading the book and your final thoughts after reading your book selection
Conclusion (1 paragraph) – Briefly summarize the key concepts previously discussed and explain how this assignment will influence your approach to or understanding of various human development topics

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