The ability to recognize and interpret the aesthetic traditions and artistic

An 8-10 page research paper on music from another country. I would like the research to be about Northern Europe, specifically Norway.


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The ability to recognize and interpret the aesthetic traditions and artistic
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The book that is referred to is titled”Thinking Musically, experiencing music Expressing Culture- Third Edition and Bonnie C. Wade

I would like the format to include:

1) Make a section (subheading) that matches each chapter and subheadings of our book: (A) Music (people, music, meaning, use, transmission), (B) Instruments, (C)Time, (D)Pitch, (E)Structure, and(F) Thinking Critically about Issues.

In this paper, you would want to talk about each of these aspects as they relate to affecting the music. For example, if the political aspect of the culture is a monarchy, and music is particularly valued by that monarch, that is going to promote artistic rigor (some of the most famous monarchs were accomplished musicians). If the idealistic aspect of a society has emphasis on respecting the land, as it is in many Native American cultures, then there will be musical aspects of rituals paying respect to the land. The land is important to everybody, so you might notice that everybody participates in it. In what could be a number of cultures that pride themselves on military or warior strength, there will be a musical component to every military or battle ritual, and that will shape the musical output by creating music designed to prepare for battle, intimidate the enemy, tell stories of great past victories, etc.

I hope this gives you an idea of how to format your “expert” project. Essentially, if your project serves as a reasonable introduction of your chosen culture to your classmates, you will achieve the goal of this assignment. To put it another way, after completing this project, would you be the “go to” person for this type of music if we were all in the same room? If the answer is yes, then you have achieved the goal.

I would tlike the

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