Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Markets section page 8 comments:

1. You are recommending a product development strategy. Right? See Ansoff matrix for marketing growth strategies. Make sure you recommended strategy aligns with the corporate and business level strategies.

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Strategy Formulation and Implementation
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2. You previous mentioned “very high end of the market where our customers will be prepared to pay premiums

Strategies section page 8 comments:

3. This section is a bit jumbled. Please have a section for each functional area (marketing strategy, finance strategy, operations strategy, Innovation/R&D strategy, IS/IT strategy, HR strategy. Your strategies should address what the company should be doing (goals/actions), not how they should do it (tactics/action plans).

4. Related to OM strategy.
5. Related to HR strategy.
6. This is a tactic. Only include strategies in your paper.

Page 9 comments:

7. This is related to operations strategy – increase automation of production processes. I don’t see an innovation strategy.

8. Internal financing strategy?

9. What is the recommended CVF culture and why?

Last paragraph page 10 comment:

10.What type of structure are you recommending (e.g. functional, divisional, matrix, etc.)? You should also provide a organization chart to illustrate the recommended structure.

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