Social determinants of health, social injustice, public health

  1. Lead exposure has been a long standing public health problem in the U.S., however many improvements have been made to reduce lead poisoning. Compared earlier decades, has lead exposure increased or decreased? What are the differences in lead exposure levels between SES groups? Find one health promotion program/policy aimed at reducing lead exposure. Has this health promotion program/policy been effective? Why? (1 page)


  1. What major environmental health problem happened in Flint, Michigan in recent years? Why did it take so long for action to occur? What recommendations have been made to ensure an event like this won’t happen again? How do these recommendations align with the Health Impact Pyramid and/or social ecological model? (1 page)


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Social determinants of health, social injustice, public health
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  1. During natural disasters and other emergency preparedness events, what population groups have the most risk of experiencing negative health effects? Why? (half page)


  1. How do politics and/or the nature of our U.S. political system influence social justice issues and public health practice at the national, state and local levels? (half page)


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