Scientific article

Requirements 1. Examines, in detail, one or more sustainable solutions to an environmental issue. 2. Written as a scientific article, including an abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and literature cited. You are welcome to use tables and figures, but be sure to reference them in the article, caption them, and place them after the literature cited section. Use articles from the journal Ecology as a guide. *Note: you do not need to format your writing into justified columns. 3. Cites at least 15 articles from peer-reviewed literature that have been published within the last 10 years. The citations must support the point being made. If you make a claim, you should cite it with at least one source! For some sections, nearly every sentence will end up having a citation. I will check citations. 4. DO NOT EVER quote from a scientific article, even if you attribute it. You must write everything in your own words. Anything else is plagiarism. 5. Citations must be formatted correctly, both for in-text citations and the literature cited section. Use the journal Ecology as a guide. 6. Article should be at least four pages long, not including the literature cited section or tables and figures. 7. Text and punctuation must be typed in single-spaced, 11-point Arial font. Titles and section headings may be typed in bold, but should still be 11-point Arial.

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Scientific article
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