Rhetorical Analysis of ” Fake News” Article

Find an online opinion/editorial article that you believe to be either extremely biased and/or irresponsibly or unethically presenting news. For the purposes of this assignment, do not consider websites that openly acknowledge that their information is fake/parody. Your essay should include the following information (not necessarily in this order): 1. A brief summary of the article 2. Author name, title, and any credentials that are available through the website (or a quick web search) 3. Website title where you found the article 4. Original source (if different from number 3) 5. Explanation of the rhetorical situation of the article: Text, Writer, Purpose, Occasion (time, place, context, etc.) 6. How the author employs rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) 7. Other relevant rhetorical choices (such as diction, logical fallacies, visual design, etc.) 8. Assessment of the author’s research and evidence While covering the points above, your essay must be thesis-driven, focused, and organized in a way that smoothly flows from one idea to the next and clearly supports your argument. Your thesis will be your statement concerning why you consider the article to be fake, irresponsible, unethical, and/or extremely biased. Please note that opinion’editorial picces are generally biased by their very nature, so merely pointing out that a writer exhibits bias is not enough. Instead, you must demonstrate that there is something either inaccurate or grossly misleading about the article’s discussion of a news story.

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Rhetorical Analysis of ” Fake News” Article
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