Retirement: Private investment

This is a Capstone project for a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Minimum 35 pages not including cover page and reference page, APA style, double spaced. Could have charts and graphs. Must have abstract/executive summary, table of contents, definitions, introduction/issue or problem statement, literature review, methodology, findings, discussions, recommendations, conclusions, references and appendix.
The Capstone is to show how beneficial it is to invest into a 401k or IRA instead of just relying on social security or pensions for retirement, since they are not fully funded and some cities and even states are going bankrupt because they cannot fund the pensions and if you pass away you cannot leave it to your family. Also show why all private sectors left the pension system and moved into 401k/IRA because of the benefits and how people end up with more money in retirement without bankrupting the government and without raising taxes on the citizens.

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Retirement: Private investment
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