Project Risk Management (PRM) Coursework.


This assignment is a combination of group work and individual effort.

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Project Risk Management (PRM) Coursework.
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· Group work:

You will work in groups of 3 members to review documents and generate a:

1) Table of Content- Each piece of work needs to be introduced, a paragraph of 10- 12 lines per content/ split into different phases.

2) – Stakeholder analysis (MS Excel Software) – 1 copy

3) – Risk register (Draft Excel Template file attached)- 1 copy

4) – Bar/Gannt Chart Construction Programme (MS Project SOFTWARE Only)- 1 copy

5) – Executive Summary – 1 copy for group

All should be combined in PDF format single file.


· Individual work:

As an individual you will also provide a:

6) – Teams Behaviour:


a maximum 2-page summary of you and your team’s behaviours (Arial font 11)- 3 different copies for 3 members of the group


7) – Executive Summary:


maximum 4-page Executive Summary (Arial font 11)- 3 different copies for 3 members of the group.

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