Program plan

Students will be required to develop a detailed project plan as a culmination of course concepts and application of knowledge acquired. For this program plan, students will research one type of organization, including but not limited to universities; colleges; community colleges; private trade and technical schools; federal, state or local government agencies supporting higher education. This plan should focus on and discuss the type of program(s) that would beneficial in this environment. The submitted plan will include completed program and learning objectives, an instructional plan, transfer of learning plan, and an evaluation plan. Requirements The product should be a compilation of previous course work but should be presented in a formal manner. It should include a title page, an abstract, feature a clear division of elements, professional writing that is fully APA compliant, and feature, where applicable, tables and other visuals to clarify information. This project is expected to be between 8-12 pages in length, typed and double-spaced, with appropriate citation. Part I: Discuss a type of program(s)s that would beneficial in this environment. Prepare a scholarly review including a minimum of five (5) sources discussing the organization. Make sure you include the following: o The type of organization. o The focus of the organization — its mission, vision, and values. o Current educational programs implemented, including the target audiences for each. o Areas where program planning could be beneficial in this organization. o The benefits of particular program planning models in its environment. o The value of program planning in this organization. Sources should be peer reviewed journals, books, and/or credible web sources that support program planning elements of this paper. Part 2: Design program and learning objectives and an instructional plan. The connection among the three elements will be clearly noted. Differentiate program objectives from learning objectives. Make sure to address each of the following: o Does the objective describe what students should represent, demonstrate, or produce? o Does the objective utilize concrete verbs? o Does the objective align with collective intentions translated into the curriculum? o Does the objective map to curriculum and educational practices? o Can the objective be assessed quantitatively and/or qualitatively? o Include the instructional plan. o Reflect on the process. Part 3: Develop a Transfer of Learning Plan for the program plan you are currently creating. Include the people involved in the plan (planners, facilitators, learners, etc.) and the evaluation strategy you will use before, during, and after the program has been implemented. Develop an Evaluation Plan for the program plan you are currently creating. First, share strategies you believe can be successfully implemented for formative assessment through the program. Then create a formal summative evaluation instrument. This can be a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods survey for the participants.

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Part 4: Write a one- to two-page reflection on the process of developing a program plan, the experience of working with a sponsoring organization, and the value of this experience in your future career.

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Program plan
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