Population and Sample & Materials/Instrumentation


You are writing two sections of a Dissertation for Chapter 3, Dissertation Topic: A Quantitative Study about Student-Athlete Burnout and Coach-Athlete Relationships.

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Population and Sample & Materials/Instrumentation
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Attach is Chapter 1 with a reference page to help out with writing, citing, and resources. Inside chapter 1, there is a brief intro of the Population, sample, and Instrument.



(Population and Sample) 1 page

· Describe the population, including the estimated size and relevant characteristics.

· Explain why the population is appropriate, given the study problem, purpose, and research questions.

· Describe the sample that will be proposed.

· Explain why the sample is appropriate, given the study problem, purpose, and research questions.

· Explain how the sampling guidelines associated with the chosen methodology and design will be proposed. For quantitative studies, a power analysis must be reported to include the parameters (e.g., effect size, alpha, beta, and number of groups) included, and evidence must be presented that the minimum required sample size will be proposed

· Describe how the participants will be (proposal) or were (manuscript) recruited (e.g., email lists from professional organizations, flyers) and/or the data will be (proposal) or were (manuscript) obtained (e.g., archived data, public records) with sufficient detail so the study could be replicated.


(Materials/Instrument) 1 page


· Describe the instruments (e.g., tests, questionnaires, observation protocols) that will be used, including information on their origin and evidence of their reliability and validity.

· Describe in detail any field testing or pilot testing of instruments to include their results and any subsequent modifications.

· Include evidence permission was granted to use the instrument(s) in an appendix.

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