Please choose one of the philosophers discussed in the assigned readings from the textbooks for week 6. Note that your chosen philosopher MUST be discussed in the assigned readings. If you choose a philosopher who is NOT discussed in the readings, you will not receive any points for your essay.

Write your essay post (min: 300 words) and submit it on or before the posted due date.

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Your essay must have only two distinct paragraphs. Follow the instructions below.

The focus of the first paragraph (min: 200 words) should focus on the PHILOSOPHER and THEIR PHILOSOPHY. Summarize the most important details given in the textbook and online readings about the philosopher. At least two of the assigned readings and/or videos must be reference and cited in this paragraph. Make sure you answer these questions using the information provided in the weekly readings and videos:

When did s/he live? When did s/he die?
Where did s/he live?
What are the most important books that s/he wrote?
What is the overall philosophical perspective and what are the particular emphases of the philosopher?
What are the main themes of her/his philosophy?
What are the major contributions made by this philosopher to the history of philosophical thought?
The focus of the second paragraph (min: 100 words) should be on your own personal response to the philosopher and/or his/her philosophy. This paragraph should demonstrate your own engagement with the philosophy. The personal pronoun “I” should feature prominently in this paragraph! Make sure you answer these questions:

Do you agree?
Do you disagree?
How would your life be different if you lived by the philosophy being expressed?
What new insights does this philosopher provide that could help you in your personal and/or professional life?


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