Speech: Narrative
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Illustrating a Claim through Narrative

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SPECIFIC PURPOSE: Compose and recount a narrative that illustrates a claim

Information Concerning Narratives & Topic Options

Because narrative is such a powerful tool, you will practice using narrative to illustrate a claim. Your claim may be about you personally or about what we have studied so far. Types of claims you may choose are as follows, though I am open to considering whatever you want to focus on:

Nonverbal Communication is/can be

sometimes hard to decode.
important to master.
culturally contingent.
environmentally contingent.
context driven.

Stories are/can be


Yourself or a friend/family member: “I am/he/she is. . .”

an animal lover.
a gamer.
a hard worker.
a surfer.
an introvert/extrovert.
a good friend.

Assignment Procedure

Choose a claim.
Outline your story.
Consider using the techniques detailed here
(Links to an external site.)
Revise your story until you are satisfied that there are no extraneous parts and it makes sense.
Choose a single visual aid to present during your speech. ONE image that will significantly impact your audience.
. .out loud! It’s weird but works wonders.
Tell your story to a friend. Accept feedback.
Use Canvas Studio to record your speech. (shift to screen capture, at some point, to display your visual aid)
Post your speech by replying to this assignment and uploading below.

Content, Time Limit, & Delivery Requirements

Content Requirements

Tell Your Story—include a beginning, middle, and end. Your story must illustrate a claim.
End with an Effective Conclusion with Clincher
Use Transitions (Between Main Points in the Story)
Include One Visual (only one image) to project that you think will help to make the value/purpose of your story clear. This can be an original image or one you can credit to someone/something else.

TIME LIMIT: 2 to 4 minutes

Delivery Requirements

Appropriate Vocal Qualities
Good Eye Contact
Appropriate Gestures/Movement/Facial Expression
Effective Use of Notes (if applicable)
Special Reminders

Avoid any/all preamble. Do not introduce yourself or ask how the audience is or anything. Launch confidently into your story.

Avoid announcement like: “Today I am going to tell you a story about…” Instead, just do it.

Make sure that the purpose of your story/claim is clear without making an announcement like “The story I am going to tell you today is going to illustrate how much of an animal lover I am.”

Be sure that you can tell your story in the allotted time (2-4 min)

Choose a single image that you can project at some point during your speech that will aid in your storytelling.

Be aware of problems that certain kinds of public disclosure can create.

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