MUSI 1700 Assignment


Select a piece of sung music that is not a part of the western choral tradition. As we discussed before, there are many musical traditions around the world. All of which have a rich history and diversity of music with varying functions. This can be tribal music or ethnic music from anywhere in the world.

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MUSI 1700 Assignment
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For your selection please answer the following questions in short paragraph form. Please give at least 5 points of information for each.


  1. What part of the world and what culture does this music come to us from?
  2. What function did this music have. In what sort of a scenario was this music used?
  3. How is this music similar and/or different from the music that we are surrounded with daily on the radio or in the isles of the grocery store.


Please also attach a link to a clip of your selection.



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