Its is an metacognitive log

The Goal
The goal of this assignment is for you to get practice thinking about your thinking and thinking about other people’s thinking. Thinking about your thinking and thought processes is meta-cognition. Hence the title of the assignment, meta-cognition log or metacoglog for short.

You will do this by keeping a weekly reasoning log. Keep track of instances of reasoning that you think are worth reflecting on. I encourage you to do this in one place, maybe a word doc or a google doc. Here are just a sampling of the sort of things you might reflect on: Did you get in an interesting argument with your parents? Did you encounter a frustrating exchange on Facebook or Twitter? Read a good op-ed in the newspaper or magazine? Trying to decide which internship or job to take? Have you seen some bad or mistaken arguments about our current pandemic? Think you’ve noticed a weird cognitive glitch? I will model examples of meta-cognition logs (metacoglogs) of my own in our second class.

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Its is an metacognitive log
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