Impact on social media on consumer decisions

microeconomics : Impact on social media on consumer decisions

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Impact on social media on consumer decisions
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• November 23: Submit a partial, annotated bibliography. This should include at least two sources,
one of which must be a scholarly source (scholarly sources can be found, among other places, using the
library’s database; if you need help with what constitutes a scholarly source, please ask me).
• December 2: Submit a partial draft for feedback. You don’t have to submit a fully-formed draft, but
you have to submit something in order to get the credit for this. I will provide feedback.
• December 14: Submit your final paper for full credit. Papers will be accepted late


i need to write at least 3 of this topic

• Economic Thinking, Choice in a World of Scarcity)
• Use supply and demand curves to explain price and output changes in product and labor markets (Supply and Demand, Applications of Supply and Demand, Utility)
• Understand and Use the concept of elasticity (Elasticity)

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