Humanities: value and art

Please read the questions carefully – you are not describing art or talking about values, you are writing about how art reflects values. (If you are writing on Gothic art, don’t give me measurements of flying buttresses, or tell me how grand and beautiful the buildings are, tell me how specific Gothic features represent specific values.)

This essay is worth 250 points (25% of your final grade).

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Humanities: value and art
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Please answer TWO of the five questions below – you can write your answer as a single essay or two separate essays.

1. Describe how art of the Tang and Song dynasties reflects the values of Chinese society (chapter 11).

2. Compare and contrast the ways in which Buddhist and Hindu art of India and Southeast Asia reflect Buddhist and Hindu Values (chapter 11).

3. How does Japanese art, architecture, and literature of the Heian and Kamakura periods reflect Japanese values (chapter 11)?

4. Describe how Mesoamerican and South American art and architecture reflect the values and beliefs of different cultures (chapter 11).

5. Describe how the Gothic style in France expressed Catholic values (chapter 12).


No outside sources besides the slides and online textbook The Humanities by Henry M. Sayre Chapters 11 and 12.

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