Health Policy Power Point

I’ve included links to Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City’s Community Health Needs Assessment (2018) and Community Benefit Implementation Plan (2018).

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Health Policy Power Point
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Our content this week covered the Affordable Care Act’s role in requiring tax-exempt hospitals to complete the CHNA every three years. The purpose of the CHNA is to review the health conditions of local communities and, in partnership with other local agencies, develop plans to address those health conditions.

Your PowerPoint presentation this week will cover both of these important documents, highlighting the health concerns that were identified in the CHNA and the strategies contained within the implementation plan for addressing the identified health concerns. You will also be challenged with incorporating your own perspectives into the presentation – sharing your thoughts on the health concerns that were identified and the proposed solutions for addressing those concerns.

Your PowerPoint should be broken down into two sections:

Part I – Saint Luke’s Community Health Needs Assessment

For the first part of the PowerPoint, you will summarize the information contained within the Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City’s Community Health Needs Assessment. Things that you will want to focus on:

What partners were involved in developing the CHNA?
Overview of community analysis/demographics (you don’t have to include everything from this section – just touch on the data you feel is most appropriate).
What health priorities were identified in the CHNA?
Review the reasoning behind those identified priorities.
Part II – Community Benefit Implementation Plan

The second part of the PowerPoint should cover the Saint Luke’s Community Benefit Implementation Plan. This is where the organization has outlined their strategies for addressing the health priorities identified in the CHNA. Things that you will want to focus on:

What are the strategies outlined for each health priority?
How does current health policy/law impact their approach for each priority? The ACA will most likely be a prevalent policy topic you refer to in this section.
What internal changes are happening at Saint Luke’s to address the health priorities?
Your perspectives on the implementation strategies for each health priority.

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