Graphic Novels/Video Games


For the quiz this week, you will take notes on the assigned reading and slide presentations along with any videos linked within the slides; your notes should include important concepts covered in both. If you print and annotate the article, you will be able to submit this as well.

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Graphic Novels/Video Games
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Please make sure your notes are organized; it should be clear which portion of the assigned material you are providing notes on. If you normally use text language, that is okay for this assignment. I just want to see that you are taking notes and that they are detailed and well-organized.

graphic novel slide presentation:

video games slide presentation:

Assignment Purpose:

Through your notes, it should be evident that you not only can summarize and paraphrase content from the reading and video, but also you can analyze, evaluate, and interpret literary works through this quiz.

Course Objective:

5. Students will be able to use critical strategies to analyze, evaluate, and/or interpret written, oral, and/or visual communications, such as, but not limited to, short stories, poetry, dramatic works, novels or artistic works of non-fiction.

6. Students will be able to summarize and paraphrase.

How to:

Make sure you label the different readings and videos so that it is clear that you have taken notes on all of them.

Typed notes: If you typically type your notes, you can upload a Google Doc file directly to the quiz. This would work the same way as submitting your major essays to me. Please make sure I have editing privileges.
Handwritten notes: If you normally handwrite your notes, please take a picture of your notes and upload the image.
Annotated the article: If you printed and took notes in the margins of the article, please feel free to take a picture and upload the file in addition to your other notes.

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