Final Paper

Define the historical-critical methodology. What does it mean and what is its goal and purpose? Demonstrate how using critical methodologies can help a reader better understand one of the following biblical passages:

a. Genesis 1-3 (creation)
You Will Be Required To Submit A 5-7 Page Research Paper (Double Spaced, Size 12, Times New Roman Font). The Research Paper Can Focus On Any Number Of Topics Relevant To The Course Material. Topics Should Be Cleared With The Instructor In Advance. A Successful Paper Will Include At Least 5-7 Sources, Will Provide A Clear Thesis Statement, And Present A Well-Organized Argument. You Could Focus On A Theological Concept, An In-Depth Analysis Of A Biblical Passage Or Figure, Or A Theme Or Topic Found In The Bible. These Can Be An Extension Of Some Of The Issues You May Have Discussed In Your Journal Responses Or Reflection Papers.

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