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The t-test Assignment


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Excel Assignment
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Make sure to show all your work!

This was a study performed to determine if 6 weeks of Cross-Training OR 6 weeks of Running will result in a greater weight loss (lbs). 80 people were recruited and put either into the ‘Cross-Training’ or ‘Running’ group (so 40different people in each group). Both groups had their weight (lbs)measured before and after the 6-week exercise protocol (Cross-TrainingOR Running). The amount weight lostwas calculated and used as the dependent variable. It was not sure which exercise group would on average lose more weight!


  • In column B, count from 1 to 40 – remember this is just a count! (2)
  • In column C, have a set of random values (Cross-Training) (4)
    1. use the =randbetween command and have a range from 11 to 17


  • In column D convert column C functions to values (4)
    1. This will be your first set of data that you will use for the t-test
  • In column E, have a set of random values (Running) (4)
    1. use the =randbetween command and have a range from 16 to 26
  • Convert the column E functions to values (in column F) (4)
    1. This will be your second set of data that you will use for the t-test

  • Calculate the mean and SD for each group (4)
  • Perform the proper t-test (20)
    1. Based on the SD values for each group
    2. Whether your study is ‘between subject’ or ‘within subject’
    3. Explain whether your test showed a significant difference or not using the example shown in lecture for both the generic and t-test specific methods for determining significance. Make sure to include the values in your explanation.
    4. Explain the outcome of the t-test – meaning, in 7c. you explain if the test showed significance or not, but what does that mean in terms of a t-test and what SPECIFICALLY is being studied here!
    5. Make sure to highlight the one-tailed OR two-tailed t-test information that you used to determine significance.

  • Develop a VERTICAL bar (column) graph with the means of both groups in it (20)
    1. In other words, your graph will only have a TOTAL of 2 bars (one for each group’s average).I should NOT see more than 2 bars on your graph!!!
    2. Make sure to include properstandard deviation bars as taught in the lectures.
    3. Have proper title with units for the Y axis and proper X axis titles (the groups’ name). DO NOT have a main title on your graph and do not have a legend.
  • Neatness!! (10)
    1. You will be getting marks for neatness
    2. Include labels in each of your columns, so I know what’s what!
    3. Show equations throughout your assignment
    4. Use proper labels and units for headings & on the figure
    5. Make sure to put your name(s) on the top left corner!

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