Elder Abuse

The trauma of elder abuse can result in premature death, the deterioration of physical and psychological health, destruction of social and familial ties, devastating financial loss, and more. Abuse is a serious crime against some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, affecting at least 10% of older Americans every year. The Department of Justice is steadfastly committed to combatting all forms of elder abuse and financial exploitation through enforcement actions, training and resources, research, victim services, and public awareness ( EJI). Overall aim to conduct a study to define physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, or financial mistreatment of person 60 and over. To provide various information that can make a person or persons aware. To assist those being abused with the hope to make more people aware of this silent incident is not just local but worldwide.

The goal is to educate communities and other professionals,

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Elder Abuse
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To provide the skills that can increase recognition and reporting of older abuse, neglect and financial exploration and training, and interactive discussions covering issues related to elder mistreatment.

The goal is to provide skills on prevention

To create awareness of different types of abuse and to assist older adults who may be at risk, training on elder abuse prevention and assistance at-risk adults by non-family members and non-intimate partner. A case manager meets with victims, provides counseling, and makes any necessary referrals.

The goal is to provide intervention services through social work or a comprehensive case manager.

Through collaboration with other agencies such as the courts, aging services, law enforcement, crime victim advocates, and supportive counseling. Acting as a guardian to assist incapacitated older adults when there are no family or friends available,

U. S. Department of Justice, Elder Justice Initiative, Retrieved November 19, 2020, from https://www.justice.gov/

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